Whiter Than Snow

   Whiter Than Snow
   Words: James Nicholson 1828-1876
   Tune: William G. Fisher 1835-1912
   Category: Repentance and Forgiveness

   A      (D)    E    A    Asus2  A    E   E7add11  E   A
1 Lord Je-sus,   I   long    to   be   per-  fect - ly  whole;
2 Lord Je-sus,  look down   from  Thy  throne in    the skies,
3 Lord Je-sus,   for this    I    most hum -  bly en-   treat,
4 Lord Je-sus,   Thou see -est    I    pa-  tient - ly  wait;

     A      (D)    E   A   Asus2  A   E  E7add11  E     A
1 I want   thee   for- ev - er   to  live in      my   soul;
2 And help  me    to make    a   com-plete sac-   ri-  fice;
3 I wait,  bless -ed Lord,  at   Thy cru  -ci-    fied  feet;
4 Come now, and   with-in   me   a   new  heart   cre- ate;
    A                D/sus2/D                        A
1 Break down ev-'ry i-dol, cast out ev-'ry          foe;
2 I give up my-     self, and what-ev-er I          know,
3 By faith, for my  cleans-ing I see Thy blood      flow,
4 To those who have sought Thee, Thou nev-er saidst "No:"

         A                       E  E7add11  E    A  
1-4 Now wash me, and I shall be whit - er   than snow.


  E           E7          A      D     A
Whit-er than snow, yes, whit-er than snow-

 A    (D)     E   A   Asus2  A   E   E7add11  E     A
Now  wash me and  I   shall  be whit  -er    than snow.

Whiter Than Snow