When We All Get to Heaven

   When We All Get to Heaven
   Words: Eliza E Hewitt
   Tune: Emily D Wilson and Kent Barker
   Category: Eternal Life and Heaven

   C                                  G7                      C   
1. Sing the won-drous love of Je-sus, Sing His mer-cy and His grace;
2. While we walk the pil-grim path-way Clouds will o-ver-spread the sky;
3. Let us then be true and faith-ful, Trust-ing, serv-ing ev-ery day;
4. On-ward to the prize be-fore us! Soon His beau-ty we'll be hold;

   C                F                Adim C         F        G7     C               
1. In the man-sions bright and bless-ed   He'll pre-pare for us a place.
2. But when trav-ling days are o-ver, Not a shad-ow, not a sigh.
3. Just on glimpse of Him in glo-ry Will the toils of life re-pay.
4. Soon the pearl-y gates will o-open, We shall tread the streets of gold.


C                                            Amin               G7   
When we all get to heav-en, What a day of re-joic-ing that will be!

G7      C       F  Adim       C        G7               C    
When we all see Je-sus, We'll sing and shout the vic-to-ry.

When We All Get to Heaven