We Gather Together

   We Gather Together
   Words: Adrianus Valerius
   Tune: Adrianus Valerius

   G      C    G      C     D    Am   G   D       G
1. We ga -ther togeth-er    to   ask  the Lord’s  blessing;
2. Beside us   to     guide us,  our  God with us joining,
3. We all do   extol  Thee, Thou Lead-er  tri  -  umphant,

       D              Em        D   A7           D
1. He  chastens and   hastens   His will to make known.
2. Or- daining, main -taining   His kingdom di - vine;
3. And pray that Thou still our De -fender will  be.

       D7          G            D     C        G
1. The wicked op-  pressing now cease from dis-tressing.
2. So  from the be-ginning the  fight we were  winning;
3. Let Thy congre -gation es -  cape  tribu  - lation;

         C                 G          Em    Am   D       G
1. Sing  praises to His    Name; He   for-  gets not His own.
2. Thou, Lord, were at our side, all  glor -y    be      Thine!
3. Thy   Name be ever      praised! O Lord, make us      free!

We Gather Together