Victory in Jesus

   Victory in Jesus
   Words: E. M. Bartlett 1885-1941
   Tune: E. M. Bartlett 1885-1941
   Category: Spiritual Warfare

  G                   Am   G    G7     C                        G
1 I heard an old, old sto -ry,  how a  Sav-ior came from glo   -ry,
2 I heard a-bout His  heal-ing, of His cleans-ing pow'r re-veal-ing,
3 I heard a-bout a    man- sion He has built for me in glo     -ry,

  G      Em            D   G      Am    Em       A                Asus4 D7
1 How He gave His life on  Cal    -va  -ry   to  save a wretch    like  me:
2 How He made the lame to  walk    a  - gain and caused the blind to    see;
3 And I  heard a-bout  the streets of   gold be -yond the crys   -tal   sea;

  G                               G7       C                       G
1 I heard a-bout His groan-ing,   of His   pre-cious blood's a-ton-ing,
2 And then I cried, "Dear Je-sus, come and heal my bro-ken spir   -it,"
3 A-bout the an-gels sing-ing,    and the  old re-demp-tion sto   -ry,

  G    Em             D    G    D   Em      G   C       G   D  G
1 Then I re-pent     -ed   of   my  sins    and won the vic-to-ry.
2 And  some-how Je   -sus  came and brought to  me the  vic-to-ry.
3 And  some sweet day I'll sing up  there   the song of vic-to-ry.


G                      G7 C              G
O vic-to-ry in Je-sus, my Sav-ior for-ev-er

   Em        D   G              A           Asus4 D7
He sought me and bought me with His re-deem-ing   blood;
   G            C G         G7  C                  G
He loved me ere I knew Him, and all my love is due Him,

G                                    C   G      D   G
He plunged me to vic-to-ry, be-neath the cleans-ing flood.

Victory in Jesus