The Wiggle Worm

   The Wiggle Worm

   E                 E7            A                   C#m
1. Have you seen the wiggle worm smaller than a tiny germ?
2. I was in my Sunday seat, sitting still and being sweet

   E                      B
1. He has got a great big appetite!
2. When I saw him crwaling up my shoe (whoo hoo)

   E                    E7      A                  C#m
1. Though he isn't Very big, he eats more than any pig!
2. Wiggle worm don't bother me, we'll have a catastrophe (Spoken) 

    E             B              E -> A -> E
1. Always looking for someone to bite
2. Then I kicked him out of Sunday school (Sing again)


    A                   Am      E                  (A)  E
(O) Never wiggle wiggle wiggle, Never giggle giggle giggle

       B                 B7            E                 E7
Better squash the wiggle worm when you feel the urge to squirm

   A               Am      E                (A)  E
In your church on sundays, in your school on mondays

B                    E
Fight off the wiggle worm

(After second Chorus)


Fight off the wiggle, fight off the wiggle

Fight fight fight the wiggle worm! 

The Wiggle Worm