Solid Rock, The

   The Solid Rock
   Words: Edward Mote 1797-1874
   Tune: William Bradbury 1816-1868
   Category: Faith and Trust

   F                             C          
1. My hope is built on noth     -ing less   
2. When dark-ness veils His love-ly face,   
3. His oath, His cove -enant,    His blood, 
4. When He shall come with trum -pet sound, 

   F    Bb                F     C    F
1. Than Je-sus' blood and right-eous-ness;
2. I    rest on His un-   chang-ing  grace;
3. Sup- port me in the    whelm-ing  flood;
4. O    may I then in     Him   be   found,
   F                              C         
1. I dare not trust the sweet    -est frame, 
2. In ev-'ry high and strom      -y gale     
3. When all a-round my soul       gives way,
4. Dressed in His right-eous-ness a-lone,    

   F     Bb                  F   C    F
1. But   whol-ly lean on    Je  -sus' name.
2. My    an-chor holds with-in   the  veil.
3. He    then is all my     hope and  stay.
4. Fault-less to stand be  -fore the  throne.


F                    Bb
On Christ the sol-id Rock, I stand 

Bb  F                         C
All oth-er ground is sink-ing sand, 

C7  F      Bb     C           F
All oth-er ground is sink-ing sand.

Solid Rock, The