The Crayon Box

   The Crayon Box
   Words: Vincent Mason       
   Tune: Vincent Mason


   G                  D       D7        G                C
1. When I was just a  little  child No  higher than your knee,
2. I colored and I    colored 'Til  the crayons were all gone,
3. Afraid to tell of a Savi - or   Who  died on  Calv -  ary,

       G                D               C               G
1. My  mother bought a  box of crayons, Just  for       me.
2. And though I am much older now, the  mem'ry  lingers on.
3. He  died for  lowly  sinners       Just like you and me;

       G                      D      D7        G                C
1. I   picked them up and I opened them And I  looked way  down inside,
2. And   when I    see a    little child With  crayon  box  in  hand,
3. And someday soon He's   coming  back   To    be      our     King,

           G      C         D        (G)       C                 G
1. And the colors there     reminded me    Of  Jesus   when He   died.
2. I tell  them   what they mean to  me    And hope they'll understand.
3. And the colors of the   crayon    box       We     will       sing!


G  C                       G
O… Red is the color of the blood that He shed,

D                  D7                 C              G
Brown is for the crown of thorns they placedupon His head.

C                       G
Blue is for royalty! In Heaven He does dwell;

D                     D7              C         G
And yellow is for the Christian who's afraid to tell.

The Crayon Box