Seek Ye First

   Seek Ye First
   Words: Karen Lafferty 1948-Based on scripture
   Tune: Karen Lafferty 1948-
   Category: Faith and Trust

   G            Bm        C               G
1. Seek ye      first the king-dom of     God
2. Where two or three are gath-ered in My Name,

   C        G          F >D
1. And His  right-eous-ness;
2. There am I in their midst;

   G             Bm              C                G
1. And all these things shall be add-ed un-to     you.
2. And what-so  -ev-er ye        shall ask, I wil do.

   C     G         D  G
1. Al-le-lu, Al-le-lu-ia
1. Al-le-lu, Al-le-lu-ia

Seek Ye First