Onward Christian Soldiers

   Onward Christian Soldiers
   Words: Sabine Baring-Gould 1834-1924
   Tune: Arthur S Sullivan 1842-1900
   Category: Spiritual Warfare

  A                   Asus4 D/E Asus4  E         E7        A
1 On-ward, Chris-tian sol    -  diers, March-ing as to     war,
2 At the sign of      tri    -  umph   Sa-tan's  host doth flee;
3 Like a might-y      ar     -  my     Moves the Church of God:
4 On-ward, then, ye   peo    -  ple,   Join our  hap-py    throng,

  A                    Asus4 E      Gbm              Bsus2 E
1 With the cross of    Je  - sus    Go-ing on        be  - fore!
2 On, then, Christ-ian sol - diers, On to vic-       to  - ry!
3 Broth-ers, we are    tread-ing    Where the saints have  trod;
4 Blend with ours your voic -es     In the tri      -umph  song;

  E                    A   Asus4 A                   E    D
1 Christ, the roy-al   Mas -     ter, Leads a-gainst the foe;
2 Hell's foun-da-tions quiv-     er   At the shout   of  praise;
3 We are no di        -vid -     ed;  All one bo    -dy  we,
4 Glo-ry, laud, and    hon -     or,  Un-to Christ   the King;

  D     A       D     A    D  A D A   D    A    D    A     E -> E7
1 For  -ward    in-   to   ba-t-t-le, See  His  ban- ners  go!
2 Broth-ers,    lift  your voic  -es, Loud your an  -thems raise!
3 One   in      hope  and  doc-trine, One  in   char-i    -ty.
4 This  through count-less a-    ges  Men  and  an  -gels sing.


A                 Asus4      E               A
On-ward Christian sol-diers, march-ing as to war,

A        D     E  A      D  A   E7    A
With the cross of Je-sus go-ing on be-fore.

Onward Christian Soldiers