Only Trust Him

   Only Trust Him
   Words: John H. Stockton
   Tune: John H. Stockton
   Category: Invitation and Acceptance

   G        C   G                                                D            
1. Come, ev-ery soul by sin op-pressed - There's mer-cy with the Lord.
2. For Je-sus shed His pre-cious blood, Rich bless-ings to be-stow;
3. Yes, Je-sus is the Truth, the Way, That leads you in-to rest;

       G               C             G               D   G          
1. And He will sure-ly give you rest By trust-ing in His Word.
2. Plunge now in-to the crim-son flood That wash-es white as snow.
3. Be-lieve in Him with-out de-lay And you are ful-ly blest.


G                C           G                    D
On-ly trust Him; on-ly trust Him. On-ly trust Him now.

G                 C            G                 D   G  
He will save you; He will save you. He will save you now.

Only Trust Him