My Hope Is in the Lord

   My Hope Is in the Lord
   Words: Norman J. Clayton, 1903-
   Tune: Norman J. Clayton, 1903-
   Category: Salvation

  E    A      D    E       A    E    A                  E 
1 My  hope is in  the     Lord Who  gave Him-self for   me,
2 No  mer-it  of  my      own  His  an-ger to sup  -   press:
3 And now for me  He    stands Be - fore the Fa-ther's throne:
4 His grace   has planned it   all 'Tis mine but to be-leive

   E7  A        E        A7        D         A      E   A
1 And paid the price of all my    sin at    Cal  - va  -ry.
2 My on-ly     hope is found in   Je-sus'   right- eous-ness.
3 He shows His wound'ed hands and names me  as     His  own.
4 And rec-og-nize his   work of   love, and Christ re-ceive.


E           A       E  E7   A
For me He died, For me He lives;

     D A   E    E7           A    D   A   E   A
And ev-er-last-ing life and light he free-ly gives.

My Hope Is in the Lord