Keep Walking with the Lord

   Keep Walking With the Lord
   Words: Frank Garlock 1930-
   Tune: Frank Garlock 1930-; Flora Jean Garlock 1930-
   Category: Christian Life and Jesus Christ

  F               Am       Gm       C
1 Je-sus wants to keep us  in His   care;
2 If we fol-low   Je-sus,  He will  lead;
3 Je-sus is our   Sav-ior, God, and King;

  C7                       Am      F
1 Ev-'ry-where we go He's  al-ways there.
2 He will then sup-ply our ev-'ry  need.
3 We can look to Him for   ev-'ry- thing.

  F                           Bb       Gm
1 He can give us joy be      -yond com-pare,
2 Ab-so-lute suc-cess is      guar-an -teed
3 Af-ter all He's done, let's shout and sing

    F               Gm        C  C7  F
1-3 Walk-ing in the good-ness of the Lord.


C    F                      Bb      F
Keep walk-ing with the Lord all the way;

     C7                    Dm  C  F
Keep trust-ing in His Word ev-'ry day.

F                          Bb        Gm
Keep look-ing for the Son, watch and pray-

F                        Bb
Keep walk-ing, trust-ing all the way,

F                   Gm       C  C7 F
Look-ing, watch-ing pray-ing ev'ry day.

Keep Walking with the Lord