Jesus Loves Me

   Jesus Loves Me
   Words: Anna B. Warner 1820-1915
   Tune: William B. Bradbury 1816-1868
   Category: Medley, God's Love, Jesus Christ

  C            G   C            F                    C
1 Je-sus loves me! This I know, For the Bi-ble tells me so;
2 Je-sus loves me! He who died  Heav-en's gate to o- pen wide;
3 Je-sus loves me! He will stay Close be-side me all the way;

  C              G   C            F             C          G    C
1 Lit-tle ones   to  Him be-long, They are weak but He     is   strong.
2 He will wash   a  -way my sin,  Let His lit  -tle child  come in.
3 Thou hast bled and died for me, I will hence- forth live for  Thee.


C           F         C                 G
Yes, Je-sus loves me! Yes, Je-sus loves me!

C           F         C                G  C
Yes, Je-sus loves me! The Bi-ble tells me so.

Jesus Loves Me