I Sing The Mighty Power of God

   I Sing The Mighty Power of God
   Words: Isaac Watts
   Tune: Ralph Vaughan Williams

   G           C   G               C  D          G          D          G
1. I sing      the mighty power    of  God, that made the   mountains  rise,
2. I sing      the goodness of     the Lord, who filled the earth with food,
3. There’s not a   plant or flower be- low, but  makes Thy  glories    known,

        G      C   G                 C    D          Em        G       D    G
1. That spread the flowing seas      a -  broad, and built the loft  - y    skies.
2. Who  formed the creatures through the  Word, and  then pro -nounced them good.
3. And  clouds a - rise, and temp -  ests blow, by   order     from    Thy  throne;

   G         D    G   C    D                   G   D  G    C   D
1. I sing    the  wis-dom  that ordained  the  sun to rule the day;
2. Lord, how Thy  won-ders are displayed, where’er I  turn my  eye,
3. While all that bor-rows life from Thee is   ev -er in   Thy care;

       G    C      G              C   D         Em      G     D   G
1. The moon shines full at God’s  com-mand, and all the stars o - bey.
2. If  I    sur -  vey the ground I   tread, or gaze up-on    the sky.
3. And ever-y   -  where that we  can be, Thou, God art pres -ent there.

I Sing The Mighty Power of God