He Lives

   He Lives 
   Words: Alfred H. Ackley
   Tune: Alfred H. Ackley
   Category: Christ's Resurrection

     A         Gm        A    Gm         A       Gm        A
1 I  serve a   ris-en   Sav-  ior, He's  in the  world to- day;
2 In all the   world a- round me I       see His lov-ing   care,
3 Re-joice, re-joice, O chris-tian, lift up your voice and sing

                   Db          Gbm           B7                E7
1 I know that      He is       liv-ing, what-ev-er  men  may   say;
2 And though my    heart grows wea-ry, I     nev-er will  de  -spair;
3 E-ter-nal        hal-le-     lu-jahs to    Je-sus Christ the King!

    A      Gm       A        Gm       A        Gm       A   
1 I see    His hand of  mer -cy, I    hear His voice of cheer,
2 I know   that He  is  lead-ing thru all the  storm-y  blast,
3 The Hope of all   who seek Him,the  Help of  all who  find,

       B7                             E    B7    E7
1 And  just the time I need Him, He's al  -ways near.
2 The  day of His ap-pear-ing will    come at   last.
3 None oth-er is so lov-ing so        good and  kind.

    A         A->A7        D               A
He lives, He lives, Christ Je-sus lives to-day!

    E     E7      D         A         B9                 E
He walks with me and talks with me a-long life's nar-row way.

    A         A->A7     D        D6 D7  Db
He lives, He lives, sal-va-taion to im-part!

    A      D   A  B7
You ask me how I know He lives?

    A         E      A
He lives with-in my heart.

He Lives