Great Is Thy Faithfulness

   Great Is Thy Faithfulness
   Words: Thomas Chisholm
   Tune: William Runyan

   D      A#aug Bm  Em7           A7             D
1. Great  is    Thy faithfulness, oh God my      Father;
2. Sum -  mer   and win-ter and   springtime and harvest,
3. Par-   don   for sin and a     peace that     endureth

   G     Dmaj11 G    D     Em   Bm    E7           A
1. There is     no   sha - dow  of    turning with Thee;
2. Sun,  moon,  and  stars in   their courses      above
3. Thine own    dear pres- ence to    cheer and to guide;

        A7       D      A7   G      D      Em    Bm        Em
1. Thou changest not,   Thy  com -  pass - ions, they fail not;
2. Join with all na-    ture in     man-   i -   fold wit- ness
3. Strength for  to  -  day  and    bright hope  for tomor-row,

   Gdim          D              A7        D
1. As Thou hast  been, Thou for-ever wilt be.
2. to Thy great  faithfulness,  mercy and love.
3. Blessings all mine, with ten thousand  beside!


A        A7           D     Bm           Em
Great is Thy faithful-ness! Great is Thy faithfulness!

A7         D       Gdim A   D    Gdim A 
Morning by morning new  mer-cies I    see.

A7         D    A7 G   D    Em   Bm     Em
All I have need-ed Thy hand hath provid-ed;

Gdim         D             A7         D
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

Great Is Thy Faithfulness