Faith Is the Victory

   Faith Is the Victory
   Words: John H. Yates 1837-1900
   Tune: Ira D. Sankey 1840-1908
   Category: Faith and Trust

   A                          E         E7                      A
1. En-camped a-long the hills of light, Ye Christian sol-diers, rise,
2. His ban-ner o-ver us       is love,  Our sword the Word of   God;
3. To him who o-ver-comes     the foe   White rai-ment shall be giv'n

   A                            E          E7                      A
1. And press the bat-tle ere    the night  Shall veil the glow-ing skies.
2. We tread the road the saints a-bove     With shouts of tri-umph trod.
3. Be-fore the an-gels he       shall know His name con-fessed in  heav'n

   A        E          D         A              E          A            B  E
1. A-gainst the foe    in vales  be-low,        Let all    our strength be hurled;
2. By faith they, like a whilr  -wind's breath, Swept on   o'er ev    -'ry field;
3. Then on -ward from  the hills of light,      Our hearts with love    a -flame;

   E7    A                   Cm    Bm              A           E          A 
1. Faith is the vic  -to    -ry,   we know, That   o-ver-comes the        world.
2. The   faith by which they con  -quered death Is still our   shin-ing   shield.
3. We'll van-quish all the   hosts of night, In    Je-sus'     con-q'ring name.


A                   E7                      A
Faith is the vic-to-ry! Faith is the vic-to-ry! 

D            A         D    A     E7        A
O glo-ri-ous vic-to-ry That o-ver-comes the world. 

Faith Is the Victory