Day By Day

   Day by Day
   Words: Carlina S. Berg 1832-1903
   Tune: Oscar Ahnfelt 1813-1882
   Category: Assurance
   E                                 C#m  F#m
1. Day by day and with each pass-ing mo  -ment, 
2. Ev-'ry day the Lord Him-self is   near me
3. Help me then in ev-'ry trib-u-    la  -tion

   F#m        B                        E
1. Strength I find to meet my tri-als  here;
2. With a     spe-cial mer-cy for each hour;
3. So to      trust Thy prom-is-es, O  Lord,

   E                                    C#m   F#m
1. Trusting in my fa-ther's wise be    -stow -ment,
2. All my cares He fain would bear, and cheer me,
3. That I lose not faith's sweet con-so-la -  tion

   F#m      B                       E
1. I've no  cause for wor-ry or for fear. 
2. He whose name is Coun-sel-or and Pow'r
3. Of-fered me with-in Thy ho-ly    Word.

   E                                          A
1. He whose heart is kind be-yond  meas -     ure
2. The pro-tec-tion of His child and treas -  ure
3. Help me, Lord, when toil and trou-ble meet-ing,

   F#m   B7                           E
1. Gives un-to each day what He deems best
2. Is    a charge that on Him-self He laid;
3. E'er  to take, as from a fa-ther's hand

   E                                      C#m   F#m
1. Lov-ing-ly, its part of pain and       pleas-ure,
2. ""As thy days, thy strength shall be in meas -ure,""
3. One by one, the day, the mo-ments      fleet-ing,

   F#m       B                   E
1. Ming-ling toil with peace and rest
2. This the  pledge to me He     made.
3. Till I    reach the prom-ised land. 

Day By Day