Crown Him with Many Crowns

   Crown Him with Many Crowns
   Words: Matthew Bridges 1800-1894
   Tune: George J. Elvey 1816-1893
   Category: Praise and Adoration

   D              Bm      G           D    G           D    A
1. Crown Him with man-y   crowns, The Lamb up-on       His  throne;
2. Crown Him the  Lord of love:   Be -hold His hands   and  side-
3. Crown Him the  Lord of life:   Who tri -umphed o'er the  grave,
4. Crown Him the  Lord of heav'n: One with the Fa     -ther known,

   A     D           Bm     A   E        A      D    A     D   E       A
1. Hark! how the     heav'n-ly  an-them  drowns all  mu   -sic but its own!
2. Rich  wounds, yet vis -i     -ble  a -bove,  In   beau -ty  glo-ri -fied.
3. Who   rose vic   -to  -rious to the   strife For  those He  came to save.
4. One   with the    Spir-it    thru Him giv'n  From His   e-  ter-nal throne.

   A   D                  G           E                A
1. A  -wake, my soul, and sing Of     Him Who died for thee,
2. No  an-gel in   the    sky Can     ful-ly bear that sight,
3. His glo-ries now we    sing, Who   died and rose on high,
4. To  Thee be end-less   praise, For Thou for us hast died

   A   D     A    G     D    G     A    D          G     D    A         D
1. And hail  Him  as    thy  match-less king Thru  all   e   -ter-ni   -ty.
2. But down- ward bends his  won-d'ring eye At     mys  -ter -ies so    bright.
3. Who died, e   -ter  -nal  life  to   bring, And lives that death may die.
4. Be  Thou, O    Lord, thru end-  less days A    -dored and  mag-ni   -fied.

Crown Him with Many Crowns