Come Thou Fount

   Come Thou Fount
   Words: Robert Robinson, 1735-1790
   Tune: John Wyeth 1770-1858
   Category: Praise and Adoration

  D                          A          D       G     D            A   D
1 Come, Thou Fount of ev-'ry bless-ing, Tune my heart to sing      Thy grace;
2 Here I reaise mine Eb-en  -e-zer      Hith-er by    Thy help     I'm come;
3 O to grace how great a     debt-or    Dai-ly  I'm   con-strained to  be!

  D                         A          D        G     D            A   D
1 Streams of mer-cy, nev-er ceas-ing,  Call for songs of loud     -est praise.
2 And I hope, by Thy good   pleas-ure, Safe-ly  to    ar-rive      at  home.
3 let Thy good-ness, like a fet-ter,   Bind my  wan  -d'ring heart to  Thee:

  D             A   G     D     G     D                    A   Em      A  D
1 Teach me some me -lo   -dious son  -net, Sung by flam   -ing tongues a -bove;
2 Je-sus sought me  when  a     stran-ger, Wan-d'ring from the fold    of God;
3 Prone to wan -der Lord, I     feel  it Prone to leave    the God     I  love;

  D                             A        D        G     D          A     D
1 Praise the mount I'm fixed up-on it    Mount of Thy   re-deem   -ing   love.
2 He to res-cue me from         dan-ger, In-ter  -posed His pre   -cious blood.
3 Here's my heart O take and    seal it, Seal it  for   Thy courts a    -bove.

Come Thou Fount