Christ Arose

   Christ Arose
   Words: Robert Lowry 1826-1899
   Tune: Robert Lowry 1826-1899
   Category: Christ's Resurrection
  C         F          C         G   G7 F       C    F           Am   C 
1 Low in    the grave  He lay,   Je-sus my Sav-ior! Wait-ing the com- ing day,
2 vain-ly   they watch His bed,  Je-sus my Sav-ior! Vain-ly they seal the dead,
3 Death can-not keep   his prey, Je-sus my Sav-ior! He tor the   bars a  -way,

    Am  G  D   G
1-3 Je-sus my Lord!


C                 G     C
Up from the grave He a-rose,

               F                 C
With a might-y tri-umph o'er His foes;

G    G7                      Am   F   C
He a-rose a vic-tor from the dark do-main,

        F        D               G     Am  G
And he lives for-ev-er with his saints to reign,

     C           F    C              G7      C
He a-rose! he a-rose! Hal-le-lu-jah Christ a-rose!

Christ Arose