Blessed Redeemer

   Blessed Redeemer
   Words: Avis B. Christiansen 1895-1985
   Tune: Harry Dixon Loes 1892-1965
   Category: The Cross

   A                                     E
1. Up Cal-v'ry's moun-tain one dread-ful morn,
2. Fa'ther, for-give them! thus did He   pray,
3. O  how  I  love  Him,  Sav-ior  and   Friend,

   E7                                    A
1. Walked Christ my Sav-ior, wea-ry and  worn;
2. E'en while His life-blood flowed fast a-way;
3. How  can  my  prais - es  ev -er find end!

   A                                    D
1. Fac-ing for sin-ners death on the    cross, 
2. Pray-ing for sin-ners while in such  woe
3. Thry years un-num-bered on heav-en's shore,

   D7              A          E             A
1. That He might   save them  from end-less loss.
2. No one but      Je-sus     ev-er loved   so.
3. My tongue shall praise Him for-ev-er -   more.


D                                 A
Bless-ed Re-deem-er! Pre-cious Re-deem-er!

            E                           E7
Seems now I see Him on Cal-va-ry's tree;

A                                    D
Wound-ed and bleed-ing, for sin-ners plead-ing

             A        E          A
Blind and un-heed-ing dy-ing for me! 

Blessed Redeemer