Beneath the Cross of Jesus

   Beneath the Cross of Jesus
   Words: Elizabeth C. Clephane 1830-1869
   Tune: Fredrick C. Maker 1844-1927
   Category: The Cross

  C            Cdim       C       G            G7        C      E
1 Be-neath the cross of   Je-sus  I fain would take my   stand
2 Up-on that   cross of   Je-sus  Mine eye at  times can see
3 I take,   O  cross, thy shad-ow For my a  -  bid-ing   place;

      Am         B/G C6    Caug  Dm   C7m   F6        F7        E
1 The shad-ow of a   might-y     rock With -in a      wea-ry    land;
2 The ver-y dy  -ing form  of    One  Who   suf-fered there for me;
3 I   ask no oth-er  sun  -shine than the   sun-shine of  His   face;

      Am               Am9                  F        A/C#     Dm
1 A   home with-in the wil-der-ness,  A     rest up -on   the way,
2 And from my smit-ten heart with tears Two won-ders I con -  fess
3 Con-tent to let the  world go by, To      know no  gain nor loss,

           G        G7      C         C/F    F       C       G   G7  C   
1 From the burn-ing of the  noon-tide heat,  And the bur-den of  the day.
2 The won -ders of  re     -deem-ing  love   And     my  un -wor-thi-ness.
3 My sin  -ful self my      on  -  ly shame, My      glo -ry all the cross.

Beneath the Cross of Jesus