Battle Hymn of the Republic

   Battle Hymn of the Republic
   Words: Hulia Ward Howe 1819-1910
   Tune: Traditional American Melody
   Category: Patriotic 

1 Mine  eyes  have  seen  the  glo-ry  of  the  com - ing  of the Lord,
2 I  have seen Him in the watch - fires of a hun -dred cir-cling camps,
3 He has sound-ed forth the trum-pet thgat shall nev-er sound re-treat,
4 In the beau - ty of the  lil - ies Christ was born a - cross the sea,

  G7        C                       (D)  C          G
1 He is     tram-pling out the  vin-tage where the  grapes of wrath are stored;
2 They have build-ed Him an      al-tar  in the     eve-ning  dews  and  damps;
3 He is     sift-ing out the hearts of   men be    -fore  His judg - ment seat;
4 With a    glo-ry in His bos      -om   that trans-fig - ures   you   and  me;

  G                                             B                Em
1 He hath loosed the fate-ful light-ning of His ter-ri-ble swift sword-
2 I can read His right-ious sen-tence by the    dim and flar-ing lamps-
3 O be swift, my soul, to an-swer Him! be       ju-bi-lant, my   feet!
4 As He died to make men ho-ly, let us          live to make men free,

  G     Am       G     D   G
1 His   truth is march-ing on.
2 His   day is   march-ing on.
3 Our   God is   march-ing on.
4 While God is   march-ing on.


G                         G7     
Glo-ry! Glo-ry, hal-le-lu-jah!

C                      G
Glo-ry! Glo-ry, hal-le-lu-jah!

G                      B  Em
Glo-ry! Glo-ry, hal-le-lu-jah!

Em  Am       G     D   G
His truth is march-ing on.

Battle Hymn of the Republic