At the Cross

   At the Cross
   Words: Isaac Watts 1674-1748
   Tune: Ralph Hudson 1843-1901
   Category: The Cross

  D          Dsus2 D           A    Asus2 D          G       D   Em   D     A
1 A-las!     and   did my      Savi- or   bleed? And did     my  Sov-'reign die?
2 Was it     for   crimes that I     have done He    groaned up -on   the   tree?
3 Well might the   sun in      dark -ness hide And   shut    His glo-ries   in,
4 But drops  of    grief can   ne'er re  -pay The    debt    of  love I     owe.

  D            Dsus2 D         D     G    D        A      A7              D
1 Would He     de-   vote that sa-   cred head   For such a worm   as     I!
2 A-maz       -ing   pit-y!    grace un-  known! And love be-yond  de-    gree!
3 When Christ, the   might-y   Mak - er,  died   For man  the crea-ture's sin.
4 Here, Lord,  I     give my-  self  a-   way   'Tis all  that I   can    do!


D                          Dsus4 D       A   Asus2 A
At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the   light,

A   Asus4 A7                           D
And the   bur-den of my heart rolled a-way

Dsus2 D   G                      D  F#m Bm
It    was there by faith I received my  sight,

     A       A7             D
And now I am hap-py all the day!

At the Cross