And Can It Be

   And Can It Be
   Words: Charles Wesley 1707-1788
   Tune: Thomas Campbell 1777-1844
   Category: God's Love

   G    Em   D   G        Am7     D7     G
1  And  can  it  be, that I       should gain
2  He   left his Father's throne  a   -  bove,
3  Long my   im -prisoned spir -  it     lay
4  No   con -dem-nation   now     I      dread,

        Am7   D7       G   Bm  -G   Dadd2  A7     D
1  An   in  - terest   in  the -e   Sav   -ior's  blood?
2  So   free, so       in -fi  -i - nite   his    grace!
3  Fast bound in       sin a   -nd  na -   ture's night;
4  Je - sus,  and      all i   -n   him,   is     mine!
             G      D        G          D
1  Died  he  for    me, who  caused his pain?
2  Emptied   him-se-lf  of   all  but   love,
3  Thine eye dif-fu-sed a    quickening ray,
4  Alive     in  hi-m,  my   living     Head,

       C          G     Am     G     D7   G
1  For me,  who   him   to    death  pur -sued?
2  And bled  for  A  -  dam's help - less race:
3  I   woke, the  dun - geon  flamed with light;
4  And clothed in right-eous -ness   di - vine,

        D            G     Am -G  C     A7  D
1  A   -mazing      love!  ho -w  can   it  be
2 'Tis  mercy       all,   i  -   mense and free,
3  My   chains fell off,   m  -y  heart was free,
4  Bold   I    ap  -proach th -e -ter - nal throne,

         G          C              D         G
1  That  thou,  my  God, shouldst  die  for  me?
2  For,  O    my    God,    it     found out me!
3  I     rose, went forth,   and   followed  thee.
4  And   claim the  crown, through Christ my own.


            D         D7     G
   Amazing love! how can it be
         C        G    C        G  D7  G
   That thou, my God, shouldst die for me?

And Can It Be