All That Thrills My Soul

   All That Thrills My Soul
   Words: Thoro Harris
   Tune: Thoro Harris
   Category: Praise
   G                            C      D7                            G
1. Who can cheer the heart like Je  -sus,  By his pres-ence all   -  divine?
2. Love of Christ so free-ly    giv -en,   Grace of God be-yond   -  de-gree,
3. What a won-der-ful re  -     demp-tion! Nev-er can a mor-tal   -  know
4. Ev-ery need His hand sup    -ply -ing,  Ev-ery good in Him I   -  see;
5. By the crys-tal, flow-ing    riv -er,   With the ran-somed I will sing,

   G                          C       D7                            G
1. True and ten-der, pure and pre -cious, O how blest to call Him   mine!
2. Mer-cy high-er than the    heav-en,    Deep-er than the deep-est sea!
3. How my sin, tho' red like  crim-son,   Can be whit-er than the   snow.
4. On His strength di-vine re-ly - ing,   He is All in All   to     me.
5. And for-ev-er and for     -ev   -er    Praise and glo-ri-fy the  King.


G        D7         Emin    D  C    A7                      D
All that thrills my soul is Je-sus; He is more than life to me.

G                       C         D7                    G
And the fair-est of ten thou-sand In my bless-ed Lord I see.

All That Thrills My Soul