Abide With Me

   Abide with Me
   Words: Henry F. Lyte 1793-1847
   Tune: William Henry Monk, 1823-1889
   Category: Prayer

   C     Am   G    C          F     C      G    G7  C
1. A    -bide with me! Fast   falls the    e   -ven-tide;
2. Swift to   its  close ebbs out   life's lit -tle day;
3. I     need Thy  pres-ence  ev-  'ry     pass-ing hour;
4. Hold  Thou Thy  cross be  -fore  my     clos-ing eyes;

   C       F       G    F      C    F     G    C    D     G
1. The     dark   -ness deep-  ens; Lord, with me   a-    bide:
2. Earth's joys    grow dim,   its  glo-  ries pass a    -way!
3. What    but     Thy  grace  can  foil  the  temp-ter's pow'r?
4. Shine   through the  gloom, and  point me   to   the   skies.

   C       Am   G   C           F       C    G     G7    C
1. When    oth -er  help-ers    fail    and  com  -forts flee,
2. Change  and  de -cay in      all     a   -round I     see:
3. Who,    like Thy-self, my    guide   and  stay  can   be?
4. Heavn's morn-ing breaks, and earth's vain shad -ows   flee!

   G       C     F   C      G      C     F C    G    C
1. Help    of    the help-  less,  O     a-bide with me!
2. O       Thou  who chang -est    not,  a-bide with me!
3. Through cloud and sun   -shine, O     a-bide with me!
4. In      life, in  death, O      Lord, a-bide with me!

Abide With Me