Table of Contents

  1. 1 - Revive Us Again
  2. 2 - Showers of Blessings
  3. 3 - Seek Ye First

1 - Revive Us Again

   Revive Us Again
   Words: William P. Mackay
   Tune: John J. Husband
   Category: Renewal and Revival

1. We praise Thee, O God, for the Son of Thy love-
2. We praise Thee, O God, for They Spir-it of Light
3. All glo-ry and praise to the Lamb that was slain,
4. Re-vive us a-gain; fill each heart with Thy love.

                         G    D                A
1. For Je-sus, who       died and is now       gone a-bove.
2. Who has shown us our  Sav -ior and scat    -tered our night.
3. Who has borne all our sins and has cleansed ev-ery stain.
4. May each soul be re  -kin -dled with fire   from a-bove.


D      G  D                             G  D      A
Hal-le-lu-jah! Thine the glo-ry! Hal-le-lu-jah! A-men!

D      G  D                         G    D  A D
Hal-le-lu-jah! Thine the glo-ry! Re-vive us a-gain.

2 - Showers of Blessings

   There Shall Be Showers of Blessings
   Words: Daniel W. Whittle
   Tune: James McGranahan
   Category: Renewal and Revival

   G                                     D                        G
1. There shall be show-ers of bless-ing; This is the prom-ise of  love.
2. There shall be show-ers of bless-ing; Pre-cious re-viv-ing a  -gain;
3. There shall be show-ers of bless-ing; Send them up-on us, O    Lord.
4. There shall be show-ers of bless-ing; O that to-day they might fall,

   C                          G          Gm                       D
1. There shall be sea-sons re-fresh-ing, Sent from the Sav-ior a -bove.
2. O-ver the hills and the    val-leys,  Sound of a-bun-dance of  rain.
3. Grant to us now a re      -fresh-ing; Come and now hon-or Your Word.
4. Now as to God we're con-   fess-ing,  Now as on Je-sus we      call!


G6                                              D
Show-ers of bless-ing, Show-ers of bless-ing we need.

G            C            G         D                Dsus2 D7 G
Mer-cy-drops round us are fall-ing, But for the show-ers   we plead.

3 - Seek Ye First

   Seek Ye First
   Words: Karen Lafferty 1948-Based on scripture
   Tune: Karen Lafferty 1948-
   Category: Faith and Trust

   G            Bm        C               G
1. Seek ye      first the king-dom of     God
2. Where two or three are gath-ered in My Name,

   C        G          F >D
1. And His  right-eous-ness;
2. There am I in their midst;

   G             Bm              C                G
1. And all these things shall be add-ed un-to     you.
2. And what-so  -ev-er ye        shall ask, I wil do.

   C     G         D  G
1. Al-le-lu, Al-le-lu-ia
1. Al-le-lu, Al-le-lu-ia