Table of Contents

  1. 1 - Be Thou My Vision
  2. 2 - Higher Ground
  3. 3 - I Need Thee Every Hour
  4. 4 - In The Garden
  5. 5 - My Faith Has Found a Resting Place
  6. 6 - Take My Life
  7. 7 - You Are My All In All
  8. 8 - I Love You Lord

1 - Be Thou My Vision

   Be Thou My Vision
   Words: Mary E. Byrne 1880-1931
   Tune: Traditional Irish Melody
   Category: Commitment and Consecration

   E         B  A    E     A   E         B    E
1. Be Thou   my Vi  -sion, O   Lord of   my   heart
2. Be Thou   my Wis -dom,  and Thou my   true Word
3. Rich-es   I  heed not,  nor man's emp-ty   praise
4. High King of heav-en,   my  vic-to   -ry   won,

   B                  E    B      A    E                B
1. Naught be all else to   me,    save that Thou        art;
2. I ev-er with       Thee and    Thou with me,         Lord;
3. Thou mine in-her-i   -tance, now  and al          -ways;
4. May I reach heav-  en's joys,  O    bright heavn'n's Sun!

   A                 E                 B    A    ->B
1. Thou my best thought,   by day or   by   night
2. Thou my great Fa -ther, and I Thy   true son
3. Thou and Thou on -ly,   first in    my   heart
4. Heart of my own heart,   what-ev-er be-  fall,

   E         B  A     E         F#m   A    B    E
1. Wak-ing   or sleep-ing,  Thy pres -ence my   light.
2. Thou in   me dwell-ing,  and I     with Thee one.
3. High King of heav -en,   my  Treas-ure  Thou art.
4. Still be  my Vi   -sion, O   rul  -er   of   all.

2 - Higher Ground

   Higher Ground
   Words: Johnson Oatman Jr. 1856-1922
   Tune: Charles H. Gabriel 1856-1932
   Category: Commitment and Consecration

  G                            C
1 I'm press-ing on the up-ward way, 
2 My heart has no  de-sire  to stay
3 I want to live  a-bove  the  world,
4 I want to  scale the ut-most height

                  G               D
1 New heights I'm gain-ing ev-'ry day;
2 Where doubts a -rise and fears  dis-may;
3 Though Sa-tan's darts at me are hurled;
4 And catch a     gleam of glo-ry bright;

  G                                    C
1 Still pray-ing as I on-ward          bound,
2 Tho' some may dwell where these a   -bound
3 For faith has caught the joy-ful     sound
4 But still I'll pray till heav'n I've found,

  Am    C          G              D  G
1""Lord  plant my   feet on   high-er ground.""
2 My    prayer, my aim is    high-er ground.
3 The   song of    saints on high-er ground.
4""lord, lead me    on to     high-er ground.""


G                           D7                                  G
Lord, lift me up and let me stand By faith, on heav-en's ta-ble-land,

                            C      Am   C        G            D  G
A high-er plane than I have found; Lord plant my feet on high-er ground.

3 - I Need Thee Every Hour

   I Need Thee Every Hour
   Words: Annie S. Hawks
   Tune: Robert Lowry

   D                 D7          G         D
1. I need Thee every hour, most  gracious  Lord;
2. I need Thee every hour, stay  Thou near-by;
3. I need Thee every hour, in    joy  or   pain;
4. I need Thee every hour; teach me Thy    will;
5. I need Thee every hour, most  Holy      One;

        A7                 D     Bm   A       E   A    
1. No   tender voice like  Thine can  peace   a  -fford.
2. Temp-tations lose their power when Thou    art nigh.
3. Come quickly and a  -   bide, or   life is in  vain.
4. And  Thy rich promi  -  ses   in   me      ful-fill.


  D          Dsus4 D      A7
I need Thee, O     I need Thee;

Every hour I need Thee;

D7 G                D   Bm
O  bless me now, my Sav-ior,

A D    A  D
I come to Thee.

4 - In The Garden

   In the Garden
   Words: C. Austin Miles, 1868-1946
   Tune: C. Austin Miles, 1868-1946
   Category: Christ's Resurrection

   G                               G7
1. I come to the gar-den a        -lone, 
2. He speaks, and the sound of His voice 
3. I'd stay in the gar-den with    Him 

   G7         C                          G
1. While the  dew is still on the        ros-es;
2. Is so      sweet the birds hush their sing-ing;
3. Though the night a-round me be        fall-ing
           D                      G     D  G
1. And the voice I hear, fall-ing on    my ear,
2. And the mel-o-dy that He       gave  to me,
3. But he  bids me go thru the    voice of woe,

        D     G  D     G   D  G D7
1. The  Son   of God   dis-clos-es.
2. With-in    my heart is  ring-ing.
3. His  voice to me    is  call-ing.


D7     G                     D          D7
And He walks with me, and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own;

               B           Em  G7 C
And the joy we share as we tar-ry there,

     G          D     G
None oth-er has ev-er known.

5 - My Faith Has Found a Resting Place

   My Faith Has Found a Resting Place
   Words: Lidie H. Edmunds, 19th century
   Tune: Norwegian Melody
   Category: Faith and Trust

  G         C   G    Em/G   D     C          E    A        G   D    G
1 My faith has found  a    rest -ing place- Not  in de   -vice nor creed;
2 E-nough  for me    that  Je   -sus saves- This ends my  fear and doubt;
3 My great Phy-si   -cian  heals the sick,  The  lost He  came to  save;
4 My heart is lean  -ing   on    the word-  The  writ-ten Word of  God:

  G        C   G    Em/G   D      C              E        A   G         D    G
1 I trust the ev    -er    liv  -ing One- His    wounds  for  me      shall plead.
2 A sin  -ful soul   I     come  to Him, He'll   nev    -er   cast    me    out.
3 For me  His pre   -cious blood He shed, For    me      His  life    He    gave.
4 Sal-va-tion by     my    Sav  -ior's name- Sal-va     -tion through His   blood.


G                   D        G          C  Am  G->D
I need no oth-er ar-gu-ment, I need no oth-er plea;

G     C   G    Em/G   D   C          E   A       G    D  G
It is e-nough  that   Je-sus died,  and that He died for me.

6 - Take My Life

   Take My Life and Let It Be
   Words: Frances Ridley Havergal
   Tune: Henry A. Cesar Malan
   Category: Commitment and Obedience

   D                 A     A7   D      Gm            G   D     A    D
1. Take my life and  let   it   be     Con-se-crat  -ed, Lord, to   thee;
2. Take my hands and let   them move   At the im -pulse  of    Thy  love;
3. Take my voice and let   me   sing   Al-ways, on  -ly, for   my   King;
4. Take my sil-ver   and   my   gold-  Not a mite would  I     with-hold;
5. Take my love- my  Lord, I    pour   At Thy feet  its  trea -sure store;
6. Take my will and  make  it   Thine- It shall be   no  long -er   mine;

   D       A         A7       D              G     D        G     D    A
1. Take my mo-ments  and my   days- Let them flow  in cease-less  prai-se,
2. Take my feet and  let them be Swift   and beau -ti-ful   for   Th - ee, 
3. Take my lips and  let them be Filled with mes  -sag-es   from  Th - ee,
4. Take my in-tel   -lect and use Ev  -  ery pow'r as Thou  shalt choo-se, 
5. Take my self- and I will   be Ev   -   er,on   -ly, all  for   Th - ee,
6. Take my heart-it  is Thine own, It  shall be    Thy roy -al    thro-ne,

   D      A     D      G   D     A     D
1. Let    them  flow   in  cease-less  praise.
2. Swift  and   beau  -ti -ful   for   Thee.
3. Filled with  mes   -sag-es    from  Thee.
4. Ev    -ery   pow'r  as  Thou  shalt choose.
5. Ev    -er,   on    -ly, all   for   Thee.
6. It     shall be     Thy roy  -al    throne.

7 - You Are My All In All

   You Are My All In All

   G          D                  Em
1. You are my strength when I am weak
2. Taking my  sin, my cross, my  shame

               G             D    C
1. You are the treasure that I    seek
2. Rising a  - gain, I bless Your name

              G   D  G   ->D7
1. You are my all in all
2. You are my all in all

   G           D                 Em
1. Seeking You as a precious     jewel
2. When I fall down, You pick me up

                G             D  C
1. Lord to give up, I’d be    a  fool
2. When I am    dry, You fill my cup

              G   D  G
1. You are my all in all
2. You are my all in all


G   D   Em      G    C      G  D    G    ->D
Jes-us, Lamb of God, worthy is Your name

G   D   Em      G    C      G  D    G
Jes-us, Lamb of God, worthy is Your name

8 - I Love You Lord

   I Love You Lord
   Words: George Frazier
   Tune: John Zundel
   Category:  Jesus Christ

   E                      B       E
1. I love you Lord, and I lift my voice

   E  A   E    B    E           A  B
2. To wor-ship you, Oh my soul, Re-joice

   E                    B        E
3. Take joy my king, in what you hear.

   E           A     E     B              E
4. May it be a sweet sweet sound, in your ear.