Table of Contents

  1. 1 - Abide With Me
  2. 2 - As the Deer
  3. 3 - Every Day With Jesus
  4. 4 - Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah
  5. 5 - Heavenly Sunlight
  6. 6 - In The Garden
  7. 7 - Keep Walking with the Lord

1 - Abide With Me

   Abide with Me
   Words: Henry F. Lyte 1793-1847
   Tune: William Henry Monk, 1823-1889
   Category: Prayer

   C     Am   G    C          F     C      G    G7  C
1. A    -bide with me! Fast   falls the    e   -ven-tide;
2. Swift to   its  close ebbs out   life's lit -tle day;
3. I     need Thy  pres-ence  ev-  'ry     pass-ing hour;
4. Hold  Thou Thy  cross be  -fore  my     clos-ing eyes;

   C       F       G    F      C    F     G    C    D     G
1. The     dark   -ness deep-  ens; Lord, with me   a-    bide:
2. Earth's joys    grow dim,   its  glo-  ries pass a    -way!
3. What    but     Thy  grace  can  foil  the  temp-ter's pow'r?
4. Shine   through the  gloom, and  point me   to   the   skies.

   C       Am   G   C           F       C    G     G7    C
1. When    oth -er  help-ers    fail    and  com  -forts flee,
2. Change  and  de -cay in      all     a   -round I     see:
3. Who,    like Thy-self, my    guide   and  stay  can   be?
4. Heavn's morn-ing breaks, and earth's vain shad -ows   flee!

   G       C     F   C      G      C     F C    G    C
1. Help    of    the help-  less,  O     a-bide with me!
2. O       Thou  who chang -est    not,  a-bide with me!
3. Through cloud and sun   -shine, O     a-bide with me!
4. In      life, in  death, O      Lord, a-bide with me!

2 - As the Deer

   As the Deer
   Words: Martin Nystrom, 1956-
   Tune: Martin Nystrom, 1956-
   Category: Thankfulness

C      Em            Am                    F             G      C  ->G

D      F#m           Bm                    G             A      D  ->A
As the deer pant-eth for the wa-ter, so my soul long-eth af-ter You.

C     Em          Am                     F       G        C

D     F#m         Bm                     G       A        D
You a-lone are my heart's de-sire, and I long to wor-ship You.

Am                F            C          F                 Dm      E

Bm                G            D          G                 Em      F#
You a-lone are my strength, my shield; To You a-lone may my spir-it yield.

C     Em          Am                     F       G        C

D     F#m         Bm                     G       A        D
You a-lone are my heart's de-sire, and I long to wor-ship You.

3 - Every Day With Jesus

   Everyday With Jesus
   Words: Robert C. Loveless
   Tune: Wendall P. Loveless 1892-1987
   Category: Medley and Jesus

  E   A  E   Adim E         E     Em   E    Em   E   A(no3) B7
1 Ev-'ry day with Je-sus Is sweet-er   than the  day be  -  fore,
  B7                                          E
2 Ev-'ry day with Je-sus, I love Him more and more;

  E  A   E     Adim E             E    Em  E   Em  E    Adim A
3 Je-sus saves and  keeps me, And He's the One I'm wait-ing  for;

  A          Adim E         Gbm              (Abm) B7 E
4 Ev-'ry day with Je-sus Is sweet-er than the day  be-fore.

4 - Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah

   Grace Greater Than All Our Sin
   Words: William Williams
   Tune: John Hughes

   D     G   D                      A
1. Guide me, O Thou great Jeho  -   vah,
2. Open  now the crystal foun  -    tain,
3. When  I   tread the verge of Jor-dan,
4. Mus  -ing on my ha - bi - ta -   tion,
5. Lord, I   trust Thy mighty   po -wer,
   D      D/F#  G            D      A    D
1. Pil   -grim  through this bar   -ren  land.
2. Whence the   healing      stream doth flow;
3. Bid    my    anxious      fears  sub -side;
4. Mus-   ing   on my        heav’  nly  home,
5. Won -  drous are Thy      works  of   old;

   D     G   D                          A
1. I     am  weak, but Thou art migh -  ty;
2. Let   the fire and cloudy     pil -  lar
3. Death of  deaths, and hell’s destruc-tion,
4. Fills my  soul with holy long  -     ings:
5. Thou  del-iver’st Thine from thrall -dom,

   D     G   D      G    D      A      D
1. Hold  me  with   Thy  power- ful    hand.
2. Lead  me  all    my   jour - ney    through.
3. Land  me  safe   on   Ca-    naan’s side.
4. Come, my  Je    -sus, qui -  ckly   come;
5. Who   for naught them-selves had    sold:

   A          A7       D
1. Bread of   Heaven,  Bread of Heaven,
2. Strong De- liverer, strong Deliverer,
3. Songs of   praises, songs of praises,
4. Vani      -ty is    all  I   see;
5. Thou didst conquer, Thou didst conquer,

   D/F#     G                     A
1. Feed me  till I want no        more;
2. Be Thou  still my Strength and Shield;
3. I will   ever give to          Thee;
4. Lord, I  long to be with       Thee!
5. Sin, and Satan and the         grave,

   D     G    D     G    D        A    D
1. Feed  me   till  I    want     no   more.
2. Be    Thou still my   Strength and  Shield.
3. I     will e -   ver  give     to   Thee.
4. Lord, I    long  to   be       with Thee!
5. Sin,  and  Sa-   tan  and      the  grave.

5 - Heavenly Sunlight

   Heavenly Sunlight
   Words: Henry J. Zelley
   Tune: William Kirkpatrick

   D             G                   D
1. Walking in    sunlight all of my  journey;
2. Shadows a  -  round me, shadows a-bove me,
3. In the bright sunlight, ever re - joicing,

   G                   A7               D
1. Over the mountains, through the deep vale;
2. Never conceal my    Savior and       Guide;
3. Pressing my way to  mansions     a - bove;

   D           G                     D
1. Jesus has   said, “I’ll never for-sake thee,”
2. He is the   Light, in Him is no   darkness;
3. Singing His praises gladly I’m    walking,

   G                    D7           G
1. Promise divine that  never can    fail.
2. Ever I’m walking     close to His side.
3. Walking in sunlight, sunlight of  love.


G        C                  G
Heavenly sunlight, heavenly sunlight,

G                Em   A7    D
Flooding my soul with glory divine:

D     G              D
Halle-lujah, I am re-joicing,

G                    D7       G
Singing His praises, Jesus is mine.

6 - In The Garden

   In the Garden
   Words: C. Austin Miles, 1868-1946
   Tune: C. Austin Miles, 1868-1946
   Category: Christ's Resurrection

   G                               G7
1. I come to the gar-den a        -lone, 
2. He speaks, and the sound of His voice 
3. I'd stay in the gar-den with    Him 

   G7         C                          G
1. While the  dew is still on the        ros-es;
2. Is so      sweet the birds hush their sing-ing;
3. Though the night a-round me be        fall-ing
           D                      G     D  G
1. And the voice I hear, fall-ing on    my ear,
2. And the mel-o-dy that He       gave  to me,
3. But he  bids me go thru the    voice of woe,

        D     G  D     G   D  G D7
1. The  Son   of God   dis-clos-es.
2. With-in    my heart is  ring-ing.
3. His  voice to me    is  call-ing.


D7     G                     D          D7
And He walks with me, and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own;

               B           Em  G7 C
And the joy we share as we tar-ry there,

     G          D     G
None oth-er has ev-er known.

7 - Keep Walking with the Lord

   Keep Walking With the Lord
   Words: Frank Garlock 1930-
   Tune: Frank Garlock 1930-; Flora Jean Garlock 1930-
   Category: Christian Life and Jesus Christ

  F               Am       Gm       C
1 Je-sus wants to keep us  in His   care;
2 If we fol-low   Je-sus,  He will  lead;
3 Je-sus is our   Sav-ior, God, and King;

  C7                       Am      F
1 Ev-'ry-where we go He's  al-ways there.
2 He will then sup-ply our ev-'ry  need.
3 We can look to Him for   ev-'ry- thing.

  F                           Bb       Gm
1 He can give us joy be      -yond com-pare,
2 Ab-so-lute suc-cess is      guar-an -teed
3 Af-ter all He's done, let's shout and sing

    F               Gm        C  C7  F
1-3 Walk-ing in the good-ness of the Lord.


C    F                      Bb      F
Keep walk-ing with the Lord all the way;

     C7                    Dm  C  F
Keep trust-ing in His Word ev-'ry day.

F                          Bb        Gm
Keep look-ing for the Son, watch and pray-

F                        Bb
Keep walk-ing, trust-ing all the way,

F                   Gm       C  C7 F
Look-ing, watch-ing pray-ing ev'ry day.