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My name is Dan, I’m a pharmacist by day and in my spare time I run this website (and of course, play guitar). This website was started in Jan 2008 with the purpose of being a one stop location for finding quality guitar tabs for godly Christian music.

I got the idea for this website a couple of months after I started to learn to play the guitar. No matter how much I searched I couldn’t seem to find a site that had quality guitar tabs for Christian hymns or praise songs for playing in church. The ones I did find we’re incomplete or only listed a few songs and others only hosted tabs for “Christian” rock songs.

So here’s my attempt at filling the void so that others won’t have to be as frustrated as I was! Feel free to send me an email if you have any comments or suggestions. Each and every tab arrangement is created by myself and while I have developed some tricks that help automate this process it is a very time consuming ordeal.

Running and updating this website requires a great deal of time and effort. I also pay all the bandwidth bills out of pocket so that I can be a blessing to you. If you are able and would like to help out, consider donating to help cover some of the costs of this project.



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