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Many of you know that one of my goals with this website is to provide finger style tabs for people who want to play the great hymns of the faith on guitar. This is extremely useful for playing offertories in church, and even accompanying people or other instruments for special music. Beyond these two reasons, playing and learning finger style on the guitar will push your skill forward and make you a better guitar player in general.

With that said, I can’t put up finger style tabs for songs until I learn and arrange those songs myself. To that end, I have made it a priority of mine to figure out how these songs are played. While I’m in that learning process, I’d like to post my progress.

Here is my latest recording that will make it into the my finger style tab creation queue:

To see the chords for this great hymn and maybe work this song out yourself go here:

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  1. Thank you so much for making this music available!! I know it is alot of work and what a blessing it was to me to stumple across something of good quality that shares our musical direction.
    I had to wade through alot of stuff to find this awesome nugget of GOLD!
    Most stuff readily available to our young people is the CCM stuff and it gets discouraging trying to find music for our young people and anyone going against the mainstream flow.
    They go to music teachers who give them music they think is acceptable Christian music and hymns are frowned on as ‘old’ boring. Thank you for showing us that the ‘old’ hymns can be beautifully played and it doesn’t have to be difficult!
    Please keep posting your videos (I’m a visual learner lol)I love the tabs and Chords you use….easy hand positions for beginners!
    Pastor’s Wife
    I found you on Twitter as Jack Schaap’s following. My husband and I are HAC graduates from waaaaaay back!

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks Suzanne,

    There truly is a dearth of Godly christian guitar resources and I’m glad I can help fill that void.

    I took a few months off from updating the website because I was studying for the pharmacy board exams, but I will be resuming a weekly hymn update schedule so check back often!

    I am not a HAC graduate nor have I ever been to FBC, but I am friends of the ministry and know many fine men and women who have graduated from there.

    Glad I could be a blessing!


  3. Suzanne White says:

    Bro. Dan,
    I have to admit, the way we play some of the old hymns is boring. I just finished watching your video and how refreshing and challenging to see what you are doing with an ‘old’ hymn. sure didn’t sound ‘old’ (as in worn out)
    I think every generation longs to distinguish itself. Sometimes the old hymns seem to come across as defining who their parents are and their parents relationship with Christ. They too,want to express who they are and their own walk with God.Sometimes we squelch that longing and stirring when we really need to sharpen it and temper it with the Word of God. They,too,can write their songs of testimony, as did Horatio Spafford, yet use the principles you talked about in your article. I am still learning, myself. Thank you.
    Keep up the great work and God bless on the exams.
    in Christ,
    Suzanne White

  4. Larry says:

    Very nice! If that was all i could ever play, i would be content! Thanks so much for your shareing your video, very encourageing to me, a beginner.

  5. David Wallace says:

    You’ve met your goal. =) Thanks for the musical arrangement. Right now, I’m copying other arrangements and just adding variations where I think they are best suited, but I want to learn to arrange music too. Do you have any advice towards this end? How did you learn?

  6. Dan says:


    I have learned and arranged about 10 or so different hymns. I’ll post these soon as I have time. Essentially I learned by finding tutorials online for songs that I thought sounded good and then I tried to determine what hymn they sounded like the most. So freight train turned into “Are you washed in the blood” and “i’ll fly away”. Tommy emmanuel’s “And So it goes” turned into “Come thou fount” and so on.

    Now that i’ve done a few I seem to be able to instinctively know how to accomplish this and was able to arrange “It is well with my soul” without copying another song. It’s a good way to start though.

  7. Henri says:

    Keep up the beautiful songs!

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