When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

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   When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
   Words: Isaac Watts 1674-1748
   Tune: Lowell Mason 1792-1872
   Category: The Cross
   F         C     F     Gm>Dm Bb     C      F      
1. When I    sur-  vey   th-e  won-   drous  cross  
2. For-bid   it,   Lord, that  I      should boast,
3. See, from His   head, Hi-s  hands, His    feet,  
4. Were the  whole realm o -f  na    -ture   mine,  

   F            Gm     F Gm F       G7   C
1. On which the Prince o-f  glo    -ry   died,
2. Save in the  death  o-f  Christ, my   God;
3. Sor-row and  love  flow  min    -gled down;
4. That were a  pres  -ent  far     too  small;

   F        C    F      Gm>Dm Bb    C   F                 
1. My rich -est  gain   I     count but loss, 
2. All the  vain things that  charm me  most, 
3. Did e'er such love   and   sor  -row meet, 
4. Love so  a   -maz   -ing,  so    di -vine, 

                 Gm    Dm*  Gm    C7  F
1. And pour con -tempt on   all   my  pride.
2. I sac-ri     -fice  them to    His blood.
3. Or thorns com-pose  so   rich  a   crown?
4. De-mands my   soul, my   life, my  all.

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