Take My Life

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   Take My Life and Let It Be
   Words: Frances Ridley Havergal
   Tune: Henry A. Cesar Malan
   Category: Commitment and Obedience

   D                 A     A7   D      Gm            G   D     A    D
1. Take my life and  let   it   be     Con-se-crat  -ed, Lord, to   thee;
2. Take my hands and let   them move   At the im -pulse  of    Thy  love;
3. Take my voice and let   me   sing   Al-ways, on  -ly, for   my   King;
4. Take my sil-ver   and   my   gold-  Not a mite would  I     with-hold;
5. Take my love- my  Lord, I    pour   At Thy feet  its  trea -sure store;
6. Take my will and  make  it   Thine- It shall be   no  long -er   mine;

   D       A         A7       D              G     D        G     D    A
1. Take my mo-ments  and my   days- Let them flow  in cease-less  prai-se,
2. Take my feet and  let them be Swift   and beau -ti-ful   for   Th - ee, 
3. Take my lips and  let them be Filled with mes  -sag-es   from  Th - ee,
4. Take my in-tel   -lect and use Ev  -  ery pow'r as Thou  shalt choo-se, 
5. Take my self- and I will   be Ev   -   er,on   -ly, all  for   Th - ee,
6. Take my heart-it  is Thine own, It  shall be    Thy roy -al    thro-ne,

   D      A     D      G   D     A     D
1. Let    them  flow   in  cease-less  praise.
2. Swift  and   beau  -ti -ful   for   Thee.
3. Filled with  mes   -sag-es    from  Thee.
4. Ev    -ery   pow'r  as  Thou  shalt choose.
5. Ev    -er,   on    -ly, all   for   Thee.
6. It     shall be     Thy roy  -al    throne.

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