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So you’ve found a hymn you like on this website eh? Now you want to practice the song and get it ready for a performance or just for fun. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to print the page in a nice print-ready format? I thought so too and now you have that ability.

Just navigate to the hymn of your choosing and click on the print icon just under the title. You’ll get a nicely formatted page that is perfect for printing. Take it with you wherever you go and always be ready to play.

(update: next hymn coming up is, “Down At The Cross”)

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  2. I once made almost the same piece for a project at art school and I got the worst critics from my teachers. Design studies can be very confusing and teachers can, on one side, make you learn your profession and, on the other side, acting as a cause of a censorship inflixed by oneself and making you doubt about one´s capabilities to, one day, find a similar idea as an important piece.Can someone help me to confide in my own creativity?

  3. What have contributed to the discuss? You did not say anything in defence of chime, you only came here to display the failed moral standing of Nigeria today.

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  5. I completely agree with this! It is truly amazing that I have only seen bumper stickers that are pro war and violence and yet not one of them ever promotes peace or love. We are continuously being bludgeoned by violent propaganda that it is now second nature to many of us. We never sit back and think about the alternative! God loves all, even the snipers, but He certainly does not love all bumper stickers!

  6. “…chi ci assicura a nosotros “aguzzini con la stella di davide” …”va bene essere schierati, caro Ritvan, ma qui ci si identifica un po’ troppo mi sa a te nessuno ti ha mai dato dell’aguzzino con la stella di David!Al massimo di sbarcato dal gommone e rapinatore in villa!Ognuno si tenga le offese sue, please!Firmato, Tony Soprano.Ciao!!

  7. then just go ahead and redirect all your whining to /dev/null where it belongs. Sheesh.Demanding people you sneer at impress you with a Word 2007 feature list is just so Usenet (in fact I think Usenet is still around, you might want to check).

  8. <span>I've never liked Livingstone, not since he deposed Andre Mackintosh to take the leadership of th GLC back in 81.    To be fair to him he did  rise to the occasion after 7/7.    I don't think he should be back as Mayor though. There has to be a better alternative to that idiot Johnson</span>As for Pisa's views on Lbour I say Rubbish!

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