O Worship The King

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   O Worship the King
   Words: Robert Grant
   Tune: William Gardiner's
   Category: God's Glory

   G               D   G           C          G   D        D7    G         D   G
1. O wor-ship      the King,  all  glo-rious  a  -bove,    And   grate-ful-ly  sing
2. O tell of       His might, and  sing of    His grace,   Whose robe is   the light,
3. Thy boun-ti    -ful care,  what tongue can re -cite?    It    breathes  in  the
4. Frail chil-dren of  dust,  and  fee-ble    as  frail,   In    Thee do   we  trust,
5. All hail to     the King!  in   splen-dor  en -throned; Glad  prais-es  we  bring,

   C     G      D    D7   G          D            A   D7        
1. His   won   -der -ful  love;  Our Shield and   De -fend-er, 
2. whose can   -o   -py   space. His char-iots    of  wrath the 
3. it    shines in   the  light. It  streams from the hills; it 
4. nor   find   Thee to   fail.  Thy mer-cies how ten-der,      
5. Thy   won   -ders make known. Re -turn-ing vic-to -rious,   

   G     D          G      D7     G            D   G          C   G        D    G
1. the   An-cient   of     Days,  Pa-vil-ioned in  splen-dor, and gird-ed  with praise.
2. deep  thun-der-  clouds form,  And dark is  His path on    the wings of the  storm.
3. de   -scends to  the    plain, And sweet-ly dis-tills in   the dew and  the  rain.
4. how   firm to    the    end!   Our Mak-er,  De -fend-er,   Re -deem-er, and  Friend!
5. great con-queror of     sin,   King Je-sus, all glo-rious, our vic-t'ry will win.

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