It Is Well with My Soul

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   It Is Well with My Soul
   Words: Horatio G. Spafford 1828-1888
   Tune: Philip P. Bliss 1838-1876
   Category: Peace and Joy

   D          G     D          A    D      Em    A     A7     D
1. When peace like  a      riv-er   at    -tend -eth   my     way,
2. Though Sa -tan   should buf-fet, though tri  -als   should come,
3. My sin-    O     the  bliss of   this   glo  -ri   -ous    thought,
4. And Lord   haste the day    when my     faith shall be     sight,

   D    Bm               E        E7   A       D               A   G
1. When sor-rows like    sea-bil -lows roll;   What-ev-er      my  lot,
2. Let  this blest as   -sur-ance con- trol,   That Christ has re -gard
3. My   sin- not in      part but the  whole,  Is nailed to    the cross
4. The  clouds be rolled back as  a    scroll, The trump shall re -sound

   G        Em         G  A            A7   D     G          D     A     Asus4 D
1. Thou has taught me  to say,  It     is   well, it is      well  with  my    soul.
2. -ed my   help-less  es-tate, And    hath shed  His own    blood for   my    soul.
3. and I    bear it    no more. Praise the  Lord, praise the Lord, O     my    soul!
4. and the  Lord shall de-scend, "e   -ven  so"   it is      well  with  my    soul.


It is well with my soul

D     G           D    A       D
It is well, It is well with my soul.

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