How Firm a Foundation

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   How Firm a Foundation
   Words: Rippon's Selection of Hymns 1787
   Tune: Traditional American Melody
   Category: Assurance

  G    C       F       C                           G
1 How  firm    a foun- da-tion, ye saints of the   lord,
2 Fear not,    I am    with thee; O be not dis    -mayed,
3 When through fier-y  tri-als they path-way shall lie,
4 The  soul    that on Je-sus hath leaned for re  -pose

      C      F        C      C/B Am           C6     G7        C
1 Is  laid   for your faith      in His       ex-    cel-lent  Word!
2 For I      am thy   God,       I will       still  give thee aid;
3 My  grace, all suf -fi        -cient, shall be thy sup      -ply
4 I   will   not, I   will       not de      -sert   to his    foes;

                    C/B   Am  Am/G  F          C             G
1 What more can     He    say       than to    you He hath   said,
2 I'll strength-en  thee, help      thee, and  cause thee to stand,
3 The flame         shall not       hurt thee; I on-ly de   -sign,
4 That soul, though all   hell      should en -deav-or to    shake,
       C     F       C     Am       C6   G7       C
1 To   you   who for ref  -uge to   Je - sus have fled?
2 Up  -held  by My   right-eous, om-nip -o-tent   hand.
3 Thy  dross to con -sume  and thy  gold to re   -fine.
4 I'll ne-   ver, no nev  -er, no   nev -er for  -sake!

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