Grace Greater Than Our Sin

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   Grace Greater Than All Our Sin
   Words: Julia H Johnston
   Tune: Daniel B Towner

   A    Asus2 A     E     A    E    A     E     A
1. Mar -ve   -lous  grace of   our  lov-  ing   Lord,
2. Sin  and   des-  pair, like the  sea   waves cold,
3. Dark is    the   stain that we   can  -not   hide.
4. Mar -ve   -lous, in-   fin- ite, match-less  grace,
   E             E7        A       E   A
1. Grace that exceeds our  sin and our guilt!
2. Threaten the  soul with infin-  ite loss;
3. What   can   avail to   wash it a-  way?
4. Freely    bestowed on   all who be- lieve!

   A     Asus2 A   E             A     E   F#m
1. Yon  -der   on  Calvary’s     mount out-poured,
2. Grace that  is  greater, yes, grace un- told,
3. Look! There is  flowing a     crim- son tide,
4. You   that  are longing to    see   His face,

   Bm          A    D     A     E   A     E   A
1. There where the  blood of    the Lamb  was spilled.
2. Points to   the  re-   fuge, the migh- ty  cross.
3. Brighter    than snow  you   may be    to- day.
4. Will you    this mo-   ment  His grace re- ceive?


A      A7     D     A
Grace, grace, God’s grace,

E               E7         A       D    A
Grace that will pardon and cleanse with-in;

A      A7     D     A
Grace, grace, God’s grace,

E          A  Bm   F#m E    A   E   A
Grace that is grea-ter than all our sin.

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