Break Thou the Bread of Life

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   Break Thou the Bread of Life
   Words: Mary Lathbury 1841-1913, Alexander Groves 1842-1909
   Tune: William F. Sherwin 1826-1888
   Category: The Bible

   D                    G    D      Dadd9         A7
1 Break Thou the bread  of   life,  Dear Lord, to me,
2 Bless Thou the truth, dear Lord,  To me,     to me,
3 Thou art the bread    of   life,  O Lord,    to me,
4 O send Thy spir   -   it,  Lord,  Now un  -  to me,

  D                   G    D      Dadd9   A   E7   A
1 As Thou didst break the  loaves Be    -side the sea;
2 As Thou didst bless the  bread  By     Gal- i-  lee;
3 Thy ho-ly Word      the  truth  That   sav -eth me;
4 That He may touch   mine eyes,  And    make me  see:
  A    Dadd9 A7  G     D          A    E           A7
1 Be-  yond  the sa-   cred page  I    seek Thee, Lord;
2 Then shall all bond- age cease, All  fet-ters   fall;
3 Give me    to  eat   and live   With Thee a -   bove;
4 Show me    the truth con-cealed With-in   Thy   Word,

  D           Am                   A7       D
1 My spir-it  pants for Thee, O   liv-ing   Word.
2 And I shall find my peace, My   all in    all.
3 Teach me to love Thy truth, For Thou art  love.
4 And in Thy  book re-vealed I    see Thee, Lord.

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