Amazing Grace

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   Amazing Grace
   Words: John Newton 1725-1807
   Tune: Edwin O. Excell 1851-1921
   Category: God's Grace
   G               G7         C          G             Em       G           D
1. A-maz-ing       grace! how sweet the  sound, That   saved a  wretch like me!
2. Twas grace that taught my  heart to   fear, And     grace my fears re-   lieved;
3. Thru man-y      dan-gers,  toils, and snares, I     have al -read-y      come;
4. When we've been there ten  thou-sand  years, Bright shin-ing as the      sun,
   G              G7        C          G           Em         G     D  G
1. I once was     lost, but now am     found, Was  blind, but now   I  see.
2. How pre-cious  did that  grace ap  -pear The    hour I     first be-lieved!
3. Tis grace hath bro't me  safe thus  far, And    grace will lead  me home.
4. We've no less  days to   sing God's praise Than when we'd  first be-gun 

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